Pharmaceutical Company (cosmeceutical branch) is hiring
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    Pharmaceutical Company
    (cosmeceutical branch)

    Require Urgently (all governments )
    Senior medical rep REF - H.D 003 -
    Product specialist REF - H.D 004 -
    Medical representative REF - H.D 005-

    .Excellent command of English language and computer skills-
    .Vet., Pharmacist, science (have NO Military or governmental Obligation)-
    . Experience is preferred (Fresh graduates also are welcomed)
    We offer:-
    .competitive package salary-
    .excellent and clear incentive scheme-
    .Social insurance-
    .car policy-
    .excellent opportunity for career path-

    If you are matching the above criteria Please send your updated CV with a recent photo within two weeks to [email protected]

    Or sent your cv to whatsapp number 01121310001

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    Pharmaceutical Company (cosmeceutical branch) is hiring

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